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A few tips on how to overcome insomnia

A few tips on how to overcome insomnia

Some time ago we discussed the importance of a good sleep in relation to fertility. However, thinking about infertility itself can interfere with our ability to fall asleep. How can we then overcome insomnia?

Who has never experienced that tossing and turning in a bed, thoughts persistently circulating in our head and just not being able to fall asleep... Especially when we wish for a baby and this wish has not been fulfilled for a long time. We are eagerly looking forward to the return of our partner from work and hoping for a moment of love which will maybe finally result in a positive pregnancy test.

But actually, it might be a good idea to let yourself and your partner sleep for a while. Poor sleep is reducing the possibility of conception by up to 25 %. Moreover, the partner's insomnia can reduce his sperm count.

Regular bedtime 

Our bodies like rituals and a great thing is when they have it. Around bedtime, try to do similar activities every day, indulge a little bit of stereotype in the hectic days. You can, for example, comb your hair in front of a mirror and compliment yourself what a wonderful and productive day you had. Put a perfumed cream on your body and then lie down in your bed, breathe calmly and think of nice things.

At the beginning it may not be easy, but if you manage it, over time your sleep will come when you go to bed.

Go to bed with a book

If you cannot get rid of negative thoughts, it is not a bad idea to take a book or a reading device to the bed. It diverts your attention elsewhere and if you go to sleep tired, your eyes will become heavy after a few pages. lt is preferable to read more monotonous type of literature. Beware of thrilling detective stories or romance novels, you may not close your eyes until the early morning because of them!

The book also helps your wellbeing. Reading develops your imagination and your personality and you will not have a feeling of wasted time during the moments when you are not able to close your eyes.

Beware of caffeine and heavy meals

Changing your diet may not only benefit your appearance, but also your sleep. What about replacing heavy bread by porridge, or a piece of cheese by vegetable? Even small changes count. Also, try to avoid caffeine drinks four hours before you go to sleep.

Bed as a relaxation center

This task is not easy to accomplish if you live in a smaller space. Do you use the spot as a place to work and as a couch at the same time? You will probably not persuade your partner to change the habits on his half of the bed. But in your case, try to find a different place for work and keep the bed as a temple for relaxation and moments together.

Imagine a place where you feel good

In other words, you need to convince your mind that you are in a place where you want to be. It may not necessarily be on a beach with palm trees, sand and sea. If you feel well in the middle of a busy square full of bars and night-time noise, why not!


  • Sleep affects fertility of both partners
  • Try to develop bedtime rituals
  • Books and your own imagination can help overcome insomnia
  • Bed should be used only for sleep
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