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Feeling tired? Tips on how to gently energize your body - Part 1

Feeling tired? Tips on how to gently energize your body - Part 1

Are you wondering how to save at least a little bit of energy during your hectic days? Or, on the contrary, you feel exhausted all the time but you are not sure what the real source is. Doctors advise you to switch off for a while, not think about the daily problems, include a rest in your daily schedule... but you have no idea how to manage that? Let's have a look at a few tips on how to energize your body! Because tired mind and body can be one of the infertility causes.

1. Where is your water?

While reading this article, is there a glass of water somewhere close to you? Not drinking enough of fluids during the day can be one of the reasons why you feel tired. Beware of drinking tea if it contains caffeine – you may be dehydrated even more! One way to recognize dehydratation is dry skin and lips, darker urine and / or headache. In our body water is responsible for a transfer of nutrients and their absorption. One of the tips to learn how to have drinking under the control is not to pour water into glasses but to have at least one litre bottle. If you work, for example, in an office with a computer, put it next to it and drinking will become automatic in a while. When you go home and sit down to your computer, you will see that you will naturally look for something to drink.

2. Do you suffer from anemia?

Several types of anemia exist and each of them has a different way to treat it. In any case, you should assess your current diet to see if you have enough of iron, folic acid or vitamin B. Better than supplying the lack of substances by pills is including them directly in your diet.
Eat, for example, lettuce, nettle tea, beef or lamb, seafood, eggs, dairy, legumes, fruits and nuts. Iron deficiency threatens mainly women who suffer from heavy long period.

3. Do you work too much?

Try a strict regime and self-coaching to decrease the number of things you are doing at the same time. For example, switch off your phone on your way home and enjoy observing the landscape. Even better plan is to get from a point A to a point B on foot. If you hate crowds on the sidewalk, put on earphones and listen to your favorite music. Do not take your work place as an evil, which steals your time but rather make it nice! Decorate the place by a picture or photo that makes you happy and evokes pleasant thoughts. In other words, if you really cannot afford cutting your daily programme, make your day more pleasant thanks to little things.

4. Prefer sleeping

You return home late from work and you have to sort out still many things or at least enjoy your favorite TV series. But it is always better to exchange it for a longer sleep. Sleep regenerates the body and if you have enough of sleep, you will be able to do more the next day.

If you still have a feeling that you cannot get rid of tiredness naturally, reach for Hypericum (St. John's Wort) that will contribute to your peace of
mind, or the Guarani, which delivers the necessary energy and is healthier than coffee.



  • Mental and physical tiredness can contribute to infertility 
  • Check whether you have enough of fluids, vitamins and minerals 
  • Do not overstretch, shrink your program, prefer sleep 
  • Try to make days pleasant by little things
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Feeling tired?
Tips on how to gently energize your body