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Calculation of female fertility according to the latest scientific studies

My fertility?

What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant?

My chances?

How high are my chances of having children?

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We've been trying to get pregnant for several months already

How long do I have to wait?

A lot of my friends are already pregnant

I'm struggling with my weight!

Does being overweight affect a pregnancy?

I smoke!

Does smoking lower my chances of getting pregnant?

I do a lot of athletic activities!

Does this affect my fertility?

My chances of getting pregnant?

What is the likelihood that I'll get pregnant in comparison with others?

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What is Fertilomat ?

Fertilomat is a new confidential service that can give you an indication of your individual level of fertility combined with advice on lifestyle to improve your chances of conception. It can be calculated online or with your doctor or a specialist.

In the case of the online test, you will answer 23 questions based on your age, height and weight as well as information on your lifestyle and some medical conditions.

The calculation is done for your current menstrual cycle.

Your result will be a number between 0 and 90, with each number being equal to your chances of getting pregnant as a percentage. For example, a Ferti-Index of 65 means your probability of conception that month was calculated at 65 %. Don’t forget that the likelihood of getting pregnant is never 100 %.

The Ferti-Index was developed by a team of specialists and the calculations is based on the results of scientific studies on factors that affect fertility.


Fertilomat aims to give an answer to the frequently asked question:
How high are my chances of getting pregnant?


Family planning

It is often difficult to decide when the best time to have a child is. With financial pressure, the desire to establish a career and the preference to be child-free while relatively young, the age at which women have their first child is increasing. On top of this, many find it hard to find a suitable partner.

While older women often get pregnant easily, they are more likely to have problems conceiving and carrying the baby to term than younger women. This can cause worries that they might have left it too late.

Whatever your age, as long as you are having periods, getting pregnant may be possible. Using Fertilomat will give you an overview of your chances based on your age, weight, medical history and lifestyle.


Do you believe you are healthy but are still not getting pregnant despite having regular sex?

Many women don’t know that their lifestyle has an influence on how fertile they are. Issues such as smoking, too much alcohol, being overweight or underweight, gynaecological surgery or a history of a sexually transmitted disease can decrease fertility. Fertilomat uses the information you insert on your lifestyle in its calculation of your Ferti-Index.

Every woman is also different – some get pregnant the first time they try while others take a little or a lot longer. Research shows that more than 80 % of healthy couples will conceive within a year if they have regular sex.

For those who don’t conceive in the first year, around half of them will succeed in the second year if they keep trying. If you are having problems getting pregnant, it is recommended you see your doctor after a year if you are under 35, and after six months if you are older than 35.



What does your personal Ferti-Report look like ?

The report contains your inserted data, your personal Ferti-Index and individual tips how to positively increase your fertility.



Our Users about the Fertilomat

I had no idea where I am standing with my fertility when I decided to have a baby. But after computing the Ferti-Index, I found out that my bad habits do harm me a lot. Now I am ready to work on them and I am really interested in seeing how it improved when I do my second calculation in 6 months!
Susan, 35 Years



How does the Fertilomat work?




How to pay?

For 19 EUR, you receive your personal Ferti-Report with Ferti-Index and advice. A second calculation after six months which tracks any changes is entirely free.
We accept Paypal and credit and debit cards. After you have filled out the questionnaire, the report will be available as a download and you will also receive it in an email.

Six months later, we will email you a link to the second calculation so you can check how your fertility might have changed in that time.

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