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The importance of your egg quality & quantity

The importance of your egg quality & quantity

An insufficient number of eggs inside your ovaries can be one of the infertility reasons. There is a strong link between the egg quality and the possibility to conceive – more eggs inside your ovaries you have, more likely you are to conceive. The eggs inside woman's ovaries develop already in a prenatal age and each mother- to-be comes to the world with a limited supply of eggs.

Each ovary can contain around 200 follicles – the places where the eggs develop – but it is not true that each egg is going to mature. Every woman is individual and the number of good mature eggs depends on the genetic equipment as well.

The high quality and quantity of eggs is also one of the reason why doctors encourage to conceive before the age of 30 and do not like pregnancy to be postponed to later. While only 10 % of women under 30 have problem with the amount of eggs, the problem likelyhood increases by 15 % when older. But, of course, the age limit cannot be regarded as the only determinant.

Fortunately, the condition of your eggs inside your ovaries can be easily assessed by a blood test. The result of this test can contribute to solving your fertility problems and calm you down. We know how stress can affect your fertility from previous articles; for instance the article How does stress influence fertility?.

It is beneficial to find out the condition of your eggs if you have an intention to postpone your pregnancy. You will be aware of what amount of your supply is still left. But again – this result is not the only thing you should rely on; there are too many other factors!



  • The lack of eggs can be the reason behind your infertility
  • The amount of eggs is set before your birth
  • Doctors encourage to conceive before the age 30; later the eggs supply decreases
  • The egg quality & quantity can be detected by a blood test
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