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Infertility from the Chinese medicine perspective

Infertility from the Chinese medicine perspective

Health of children has always been affected by the lifestyle of their mothers. Not every woman who manages to get pregnant, gives birth to a healthy baby. Some children are often ill after their birth and even later in their lives they suffer from various ailments. At that point many mothers realize that they could have lived differently and in a better way. But it is never too late to start!

Chinese medicine has a credo to live in harmony with nature and the preparation for the baby's arrival begins not from the conception but from the first menstruation. Chinese medicine believes that a woman should not suffer from so-called pre-menstrual syndrome. It means her menstruation should preferably be regular, painless, without accompanying conditions such as nausea and headache, and should take about five days.

Chinese medicine does not believe in the treatment of menstrual problems by pills, hormonal contraception or injections to induce menstruation. According to Chinese medicine, all these interventions influence not only conception but also pregnancy.

Assisted reproduction is also better to be avoided. Why? The reason is simple. According to the teachings of Chinese medicine, a mother is like soil. If you are unable to plant a seed in it, the soil is not good. Therefore, it is first necessary to improve the conditions before it is possible to do so. Artificial insemination thus solves nothing and only causes even more problems for the mother and her future offspring.

Traditional Chinese medicine seems to be very successful at infertility treatments. But that should not be so surprising as it has been developing for several thousands of years. Historically, having a large family and healthy children was a part of the main duties towards an emperor. Having a few or no children influenced social status.

The priority is to remove the effects of hormones that are often offered to us and that basically just hide the problems our body has. If you choose to visit Chinese healers, believe that it does not hurt to try someone who has experience in both Western and Eastern medicine.

Keep in mind that when you stop taking hormonal contraception, it can take up to two years to clean the body. Also, the cooperation and compliance with the recommended practices is important. But the result in the form of a desired and healthy child is worth it, isn't it? ;-)



  • The body of the mother is like nutritious soil
  • Chinese medicine is very successfull in infertility treatement
  • The most important thing is harmony with nature
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