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How can lady's mantle help?

How can lady's mantle help?

Lady's mantle (Alchemilla) is often described as a miracle that prevents many gyneacological problems but also helps to get pregnant. Women use lady's mantle when they suffer from endometriosis or long-lasting and painful menstruation to get a quick relief by using a natural alternative rather than medicaments.

Lady's mantle is a herb that can be find in the nature quite commonly. Its tiny yellow and green flowers resemble the shape of a ball; it has ten to thirty centimeters long stem and leaves in the shape of so-called "goose legs". It blooms continuously from May till September.


Image source: Lis Burke, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0license

The healing substance is obtained from the stem or the leaves. If we decide to pick the lady's mantle up and dry it, we do that at low temperature and in thin layers as quickly as possible since it easily becomes damp.  After drying, we need to store it in dark containers for a preservation of the active substances. Do not expect any intense aroma; lady's mantle has almost no aroma after drying it. It retains its original colour and has a bitter taste.

And what does this tiny, inconspicuous herb contain? A plenty of minerals, vitamin C, organic acids, essential oils, and tannins. It is often part of so-called "female teas" which promise hormonal treatment. Lady's mantle contains phytohormones that affect hormonal production in woman's body. Some doctors even believe that if women drunk mantle tea regularly and as prevention, there would be less problems and waiting rooms would be half empty. The good news also is that there are no known side effects of a long-term use.

In addition, mantle tea is helpful for intestinal problems, strong menstruation, respiratory problems, diabetes, and is often recommended for problems with conceiving for its ability to stimulate and energize hormones in a woman's body and positive influence on uterus and its tissue. And you drink the tea before baby's delivery for strengthening the uterus. It suppresses menopausal symptoms. Last but not least, lady's mantle helps to calm down several psychological disorders that can be caused by hormonal imbalances in your body. It decreases anxiety, nervousness and helps with insomnia.

Have you tried it already? ;-) In addition to herbs, have a look "fertility-friendly" vitamines and minerals.



  • Lady's mantle serves as a prevention of various illnesses
  • There are no known negative side effects
  • Phytohormones in the plant stimulate hormones in a woman's body
  • Lady's mantle positively affects woman's uterus and its tissue
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