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One word to remove from your fertility vocabulary

One word to remove from your fertility vocabulary

There are many factual articles and resources connected to fertility all over the internet; however, sometimes it is important to stop and think about our attitude and thoughts as well. Last week we read an interesting post that can be a good starting point for you to do so. Sarah Holland, the author of the post and fertility specialist, was kind enough to share the thoughts with the readers of our blog too. So here you are, enjoy!

After the last blog post which was rammed full of tips for your fertility journey, today I have only one. And that one tip is to remove one word from your vocabulary when you’re talking about your fertility.

Any guesses what that word might be?..


It’s a word you might often use, but as soon as you say you should – or shouldn’t – do something, you are giving away your power and handing it over to someone, or something, else.

Let me give you an example. Your doctor may have suggested IVF as a way of achieving pregnancy. He tells you what the success rates are and recommends you try it. You’re left feeling that you SHOULD give IVF a go.

Then you may tell a friend about this IVF idea, and she warns you about the side effects and says if it was her she wouldn’t risk it. So you’re then thinking that you SHOULDN’T risk IVF for fear of possible side effects.

Which decision is the correct one for you? The answer is: neither!

A decision that is made from “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” often isn’t YOUR decision at all, but what you feel you should do because some else has said so, or because society in general says it’s the right thing to do.

So if you take away the “shoulds” from your fertility language what are you left with? You’ll be finding your own answers, making your own decisions, and knowing that you’re on a path that feels right for you. And once you have achieved that certainty about the steps you are taking on your journey, not only will you feel more comfortable but you’ll feel positive and motivated while you try to conceive.



Sarah Holland has helped thousands of women who are trying to conceive through fertility issues to find peace of mind and a positive way forward. A specialist in using EFT for fertility issues, Sarah has a wide range of experience and expertise to help others on this path. Having been through her own fertility journey she has empathy and a sincere understanding of the real issues. Visit www.FertileMindset.com to find out more about how you can work with Sarah and find your own perfect mindset for your fertility journey, conception and beyond.

You can find the original article here.


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