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Semen analysis reveals male infertility. Is there any equivalent for women?

Semen analysis reveals male infertility. Is there any equivalent for women?

When addressing the causes of infertility in childless couples, in about 40 to 50 % of the cases infertility is on a male side. There have been many different causes described: the impact of toxic substances, urinary tract infections, mechanical damage, sexual function disorder, genetic defects and others. The alarming news is that the number of gametes in the male population reduced to a half over the last 50 years.

Often, the cause of male infertility is hard to identify. On the other hand, a sperm analysis – microscopic examination of semen – can easily show that there is a problem on the male side. If a couple is trying to conceive a child for more than a year, sperm analysis is an initial method of the entire therapy potentially leading to assisted reproduction. During the analysis, an amount of ejaculate, number of sperm cells found in it , their quality and mobility, ratio of normal shaped cells, and sperm cells clustering are evaluated.

Semen analysis also works as a treatment monitoring. It is repeated after 3 months of treatment to check and evaluate the results. The analysis should follow after 3 days of sexual abstinence (for better results). If a patient performs a collection of sperm at home, it has to be handed to doctors within one hour after the collection.

The results of sperm analysis, of course, can be affected by many factors –psychological circumstances, stress, poor diet... But other factors can have a stake in make infertility such as obesity, smoking, saunas, hot baths, excessive exercise.

Other possible semen tests include Hypo-osmotic test distinguishing dead immobile sperm cells from the immobile but living sperm cells; Hemizona Assay testing the ability of sperm cells to bind, and Penetration Test evaluation the ability of sperm cells to penetrate into a female egg.

Semen analysis and other tests clearly demonstrate what problem the tested man suffers from. In the case of women, however, specialists do not have one fairly quick test. Women must undergo several different tests to obtain at least some picture about the readiness of their body for conception. That is one of reasons why Fertilomat was created. After answering questions related to the factor that influence fertility the most, Fertilomat provides you with a detailed evaluation with a personal Ferti-Index. (the chance of conception). If a woman wants even more detailed result, she can obtain it after a consultation with a specialist who includes result of blood tests and ultrasound examination into the calculation.


  • Semen analysis = microscopic examination of sperm cells
  • It also works as a fertility treatment monitoring 
  • Before the examination there must be 2-3 days of sexual abstinence
  • The result can be affected by many factors (stress, diet, etc.)
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