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The killers of your fertility? Poor and frequent diets

The killers of your fertility? Poor and frequent diets

We often hear an advice saying that the first step to get pregnant is to lose some weight. But women struggling to slim down may actually harm their bodies by permanently fighting their overweight in a wrong way.

If you have tried a large number of different unhealthy diets during your life,  it’s possible for you to experience problems with infertility. Being on a strict diet and not keeping an eye on a supply of minerals and vitamins may result in a deprivation of iron, vitamin D, selenium and iodine. As a result, getting pregnant is the last thing your body wants to allow.

An important thing is not to go into extremes with the number and types of diets. Emaciation or rejection of food associated, for example, with anorexia cause fertility problems. One of your fertility indicators can be a calculation of BMI index. It’s possible you suffer from anovulation if you get under the level of 18. That means the eggs are not released from the ovaries even though menstruation is present.

Women usually worry about fat in their diet. However, a group of American scientists found out that women who reduced its consumption rapidly can become infertile. Fats are essential for a right function of female reproductive organs. Moreover, male hormone androgen is transformed to female hormone oestrogen in fats which is a key moment for an egg development. It’s not necessary to start eating chocolate or doughnuts immediately. Saturated fatty acids can be found, for example, in fish, avocado or nuts.

If you reduce calories too much for a long time, a level of leptin in your organism decreases. That causes leptin to send out signals to start saving energy and a body is therefore confused when diets change very often. Its operation is then similar to the state of war. It tries to save energy furiously occupying the body too much.

How to reverse such condition and create healthy balance in your organism? It is always a good idea to establish rituals. That means: instead of skipping meals just eating smaller portions or instead of crazily counting calories including more of aerobic sport into your fitness program. Potential disorders like anorexia or bulimia can result in irreversible damages to relevant organs so don’t hesitate to mention it to your doctor. Last but not least, dont be afraid of food. Keep in mind the importance of nutrients for your future baby. Extremely skinny body is not able to provide them.

A good start is evaluating your fertility with Fertilomat including your BMI calculation. In addition to the idea about the state of your fertility, you will receive tips how to improve it.


  • Extreme emaciation causes infertility
  • Fats are essential for the right function of female organs
  • It is important not to be afraid of food
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