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The pitfalls of uterine fibroids

The pitfalls of uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids (also know as myoma) are benign tumors that grow out of smooth muscle tissue in uterus.  They represent a common female gynaecological condition.

Why fibroids occur in a woman's body? Doctors and scientists have attributed their frequent occurrence in women of reproductive age to the modern era when pregnancy is postponed to a later time. But this is more a speculation than a real scientifically proven reason. Clinical cause of fibroids is still unclear. It can be hormonal imbalance or maybe even hereditary factors. What we know for sure is that women who smoke or with overweigh suffer from the condition more offer. On the other hand, for example taking hormonal contraception should not have any effect according to doctors.

Most tumors occur on the uterine body and only in a few cases on a cervix. They can be isolated or multiple in the size of several centimeters. A solution then depends on several factors: the size, number, relation to surrounding structures, woman's age and if she would like to get pregnant in future.

The symptoms of having fibroids include strong and long-lasting menstrual bleeding, irregular menstruation, pressure or pain in lower abdomen, bloating, pain during sexual intercourse or a frequent urge to urinate. They are diagnosed by palpation or ultrasound examination.

It is not true that women with fibroids have to be infertile. Fibroids do contribute to infertility and are the cause of many miscarriages or obstetric emergencies but 4 % of women with this condition carry a child to a full term.

When the fibroids are at an early stage, it is recommended to monitor the patient first. This procedure is also recommended when the patient with the fibroids is pregnant. In other cases, symptomatic treatment with medicaments is used. Another method is hysteroscopic removal of uterine lining. In this case the woman is not able to get pregnant anymore.

If a woman is approaching menopause, it is likely that the fibroids decrease their size and no longer require a treatment.

Do you have any personal experience with fibroids? Share them with us and others.


  • It is not sure why fibroids occur
  • Smokers and overweight women suffer from fibroids more frequently
  • It is not true that women with fibroids are inherently infertile
  • There are many treatment options for fibroids
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