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The types of endometriosis

The types of endometriosis

As we recently talked about  in one of the previous articles, endometriosis is a gynaecological condition that affects lining of the uterus and causes a number of unpleasant symptoms such as pain. Endometriosis is also a common cause of female infertility. Because it affects various areas of the body, we know several types of this condition:

Peritoneal endometriosis

In this case, parts of the lining stray into different parts of the body. And because they are subjects to a menstrual cycle in the same way as the uterine lining, they loosen its parts causing inflammations around the deposits' area. With time, these areas start to encapsulate and accumulate tissue which can lead to scars. Specialists usually manage to identify and localize this type of endometriosis correctly. Most of the deposits are removed by a laser, the bigger ones may require a surgery.

Rectovaginal septum endometriosis

This type of disease affects ligaments between the uterus and pelvic bones causing adhesions. The positive thing is that this type of endometriosis is subject to only minor changes during the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, it is usually accompanied by severe pain. It can be cured only by a laparoscopic surgery.

Endometriosis of ovary

Endometriosis of ovary manifests itself in a form of colored spots but not in the area of peritoneum. These deposits can go deeper and deeper into the ovary, where they eventually create cysts. In case of young women, the color of cysts is similar to the surrounding tissue while the surface of older ones is blackish and stiff. Smaller cysts are opened, the contents is emptied, and they are thermally destructed.


In this type of endometriosis, glandular tissue grows into the muscle layer of the uterus but there are no changes during the menstrual cycle. It usually affects women over 30 who have had several births. The condition can be detected by magnetic resonance or histology. This type of disease doctors resolve by a surgical removal of the uterus. For women who want to preserve their fertility pharmacological treatment is a temporary solution.

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